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Jay Jerome




Jay Jerome can sing and entertain you with timeless songs from the fifties up through the decades.

His eclectic style of performing encompasses country, rock 'n' roll and power ballads, covering artists such as Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Glenn Campbell, Louis Armstrong, Shakin' Stevens, Tom Jones, Michael Bublé and more.

He is unique in particular that his Elvis Presley tribute performance reflects his big personality.

Available for all social events, big or small!

Jay Jerome started his singing career whilst working at a holiday camp just after leaving school. Jay was singing along to the resident entertainment when a member of the band overheard him and asked if he would like to sing with them during their set, after a great response from the audience Jay became a regular feature at the holiday camp.

Jay clearly remembers being hugely influenced at the tender age of 7 by a song titled "Got a lot of living to do" by the legendary Elvis Presley, Elvis sang this song in a film called Loving You. Jay also spent time listening to and being influenced by singers such as James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Michael Jackson, Shakin' Stevens and Freddie Mercury to name just a few. Leading on from this, Jay continued his career at the holiday camp and went on to train as an opera singer in his twenties which subsequently strengthened his voice, giving way to many more opportunities such as working the pubs and clubs around his home town, gaining him a firm following of fans for the shaking rock 'n' roll genre.

Jay started performing as a one man theatre show which was hugely successful, but due to the smokey environments he played at, which played havoc with his vocals, Jay had to take time out for a while to rest his voice.

Jay was asked to perform at a birthday party which went down a storm, and from that moment on Jay has never looked back, Jay now performs around the country, at venues from charity nights to social clubs, weddings, birthday parties and pubs. He entertains his crowds and gets rave reviews as a totally unique artist. As an artist, Jay's voice is one of a kind and he gives a powerful performance which is always reflected in his positive feedback. Captivating the audience is what Jay does best, his crowds always take with them a night to remember.

Once seen on stage, Jay Jerome will never be forgotten


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