Shoreline Entertainments



Abbagirls. Abba Fever. Abbatastik. Al McBrian. Alan Becks. Alan Terry.

Alan Yates. Alex Archer. Alpha Connection. Ash Denver. Belly Dancer.

Big Fish Disco. Bill Bennett as Dean Martin.

Bob Dixon (Elton John Tribute). Bobbys Disco/karaoke.

Brekk. Brian & George. The Cadence. Catch 22. Charmain Tracey.

Chas Roberts, Chris Gee. Chris James. City Limits Duo. Claire Timms.

Colin John. Colin Short. Crystal Red Party Band.

Darren Lake. Dave Hendy. Dave Rich. David St. John. Deborah Egan. Della.

Derek Madison(Neil Diamond). Dickie Mellor. Drew Cameron. Energia.

FB Roadshow. Flower Power Band. Franchesca. Futurerama Disco.

Gerri. Greg Suggit. Greggi G. Grace Ellington. Griff Griffiths.

Ian Higgott. In2ition Duo.

Jack Glanville. Jacqueline. Jan James. Jason Toft. Jamie Reeves. Jay.

Jay Rawlins. Jay Jerome. Jennie Robin. Jerusha.

Jonathan Mark (I Am I Said Neil Diamond). Jenny Darch. John Albert.

Jonnie Hawkins. Jim Knight. Junction 5.

Kathy Jane. Kerry Hodgkin. Kevin Butt. Kevin Walsh.

Leeanne. Lee Randall. Life Of Riley. Limited Company. Lucy Harvey.

Madison Square. Magical Moon. Malcolm Phillips. Mal Norton. Mervyn Jaye.

Morpheus. Mel Mellers. Mike Alan Disco.

Mirage Duo.  Nicola Farleigh. Peter Kirk. The Q Band.

Rhiannon Tree. Ritchie Monroe. Rick O Shay. Rick Winter. Rob Martell.

Robb Shenton. Rockitt. Rod Thomas. Roxy. Ryan Daniels.

Sandy Sparkle. Sarah Yeo. Sarah Devonshire. Sean Johnson.

Sian Carey. Short Circuit Disco. Simon Rees. Souled Out. Spectrum Party Band.

Stacey Christopher. Stephanie Coombes. Steve Elliott. Steve Gill.

Steve Gregory. Stewart Masters.

Tamar Disco & Karaoke. Tank Sherman, Take A Chance On Us (ABBA).

Terry Bond. Tim Burgess. Tracey Louise. The Twerzels.

2 Fat 4 That. Top Class Disco & Karaoke. Tracy Shield.

Up 4 Grabs. Vince G. Vixens Of Vogue.

Wendy J Bassett. Wraggle Taggle Band. West Coast Disco & Karaoke.


Lookalikes Tributes all too numerous to list here

Some acts listed maybe booked in-conjunction with their own management company


60 Riverside Close Bridgwater TA6 3PP